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December 4, 2013
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Natsukawa Ritsu - Housaki Himafuyu by hisagiku Natsukawa Ritsu - Housaki Himafuyu by hisagiku
They're twins adopted by Joulle and Svan in Ireland when they was 4. After Svan passed away and Joulle went back to Verde when they're 7, they stayed in Svan's former house with a maid. But an accident happened. When The young brother (blue one) went to city with his neighbour to buy christmas supply, The house burnt and killed the maid. Hima who just got the news 4 hours later, panicked when the police told him that his brother with the maid were dead on the fire. Hima was shocked, after he lost everything, he lost the only one family left-----he suffered and after living in orphanage, he adopted by a Japanese couple with one children, later Hima stayed in Japan and now life as 2nd year Senior High School Student. But Later he met Ritsu who was his old-brother. Ritsu got adopted to by other couple. Ritsu managed to run after fire, and he saved by the local resident and adopted by the doctor who took care of him when he was in hospital. 

Ritsu is easy going one. He's similar with Joulle, and Hima is pretty quiet one, similar with Svan. You can tell them by their hair lol. 
Their real name: Ritsu: Ciara---yes......Mommy Svan called him that. Ritsu has purple hair. His hair dyed into black---but since his real hair was blonde, somehow it turned to purple. Ritsu is higher than Hima since he is the part of Basketball club. When he put his glasses, you can't different him with hima unless their hair is kinda contrast.

Hima/Ritsu or Ciara/Callum: originally was Lunue's and my project. But since she's busy, I take care of them both <33
They both are in Homodachi Group on FB ///
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Tomoe-Artworks Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
is this an actual anime/manga or something that was created by you?
Shi-Nyann Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconhideplz: mbak hisa imba 
<font><font>ثit's cool i love it <3 </font></font>
Izukun Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hay there my precious homodachi's :iconheplz:
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